Spicing Up Marketing: Entrepreneur’s Edge Competes in Hobe Sound Chili Cook Off

Deborah Oster // January 25, 2024 // 0 Comments

Entrepreneur's Edge - Hobe Sound Chili Cook OffIn a surprising twist for a marketing firm, Entrepreneur’s Edge competed at the Hobe Sound Early Learning Center’s 7th Annual Chili Cook Off, prompting the question…

Why invest valuable time, effort and money in a culinary event when their expertise lies in marketing — not chefing?

Debbie Oster, Co-founder & CMO of Entrepreneur’s Edge, sheds light on the rationale behind this unconventional move, presenting a compelling case for the significance of community involvement in diverse forms. 

Here’s why they embraced the sizzle of the Chili Cook Off:

  1. Consistent Brand Exposure:

Entrepreneur’s Edge understands the power of exposure. By participating in local events like the Chili Cook Off, they ensured their brand remained at the forefront of community engagement, creating lasting impressions and connections.

  1. Local Community Connection:

Community ties are essential for any business, and Entrepreneur’s Edge seizes every opportunity to connect with their local community. The Chili Cook Off provided a unique platform for direct interaction, fostering relationships beyond the business realm.

  1. Showcasing Brand Personality:

Beyond the confines of traditional marketing, the event allowed Entrepreneur’s Edge to showcase their brand personality. From locally-made craft beer in the chili recipe to grated dark pepper-infused chocolate toppings, they demonstrated creativity and uniqueness.

  1. Team Building and Creativity:

The Chili Cook Off offered a break from the routine, promoting a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among Entrepreneur’s Edge members. Engaging in a different forum allowed them to channel creativity outside the usual marketing strategies.

  1. Content Creation for Marketing Channels:

The event wasn’t just about chili; it was a content creation goldmine. Entrepreneur’s Edge generated a plethora of fun content, including social media posts, a press release, and website photos. This content serves as a dynamic tool for marketing across various channels.

  1. Supporting a Great Cause:

Beyond self-promotion, Entrepreneur’s Edge recognized the opportunity to support a great cause. By actively participating, they contributed to raising awareness and funds for the Hobe Sound Early Learning Center, aligning their brand with social responsibility.

Debbie Oster highlights the evolving landscape of marketing, emphasizing that it’s no longer confined to conventional avenues like websites and expensive ads. 

“Nowadays, marketing comes in all shapes and sizes,” she notes. In a saturated market with a competitive landscape, thinking outside the box becomes paramount.

“While you certainly want to be intentional about where you spend your marketing dollars,” Oster asserts, “it’s crucial that you think outside of the box if you want to stand out.” 

Entrepreneur’s Edge’s venture into the Chili Cook Off exemplifies their commitment to creativity, community and creating a lasting impact beyond the traditional realms of marketing.

“Involvement in events like the Chili Cook Off is a testament to the dedication of local businesses towards creating a positive impact. It’s a win-win situation where the community benefits, and businesses, in turn, gain visibility and goodwill,” said Oster.

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