How is your business REALLY “showing up” online?

When you hear “online presence” you probably think about your website or SEO.

But what most business owners don’t know, is that there are A LOT of elements that go into creating a Total Online Presence.

And having a solid Total Online Presence is crucial for small businesses — especially if they are hoping to compete and win in their market.

It's not just about a website or SEO anymore...

Ask yourself, when potential customers are searching online for the solution that you provide, how is your business showing up?

If you aren’t sure or your answer is “poorly” then Entrepreneur's Edge can help. We’ve created a comprehensive Total Online Presence Audit for small business owners that are ready to level up their digital presence and show up online like they do in real life.

What Our Total Online Presence Audit Includes 

  • Initial Consultation: We'll begin with a personalized consultation to understand your business and your goals.

  • Comprehensive Website Review: Curious about your website's effectiveness? My expert analysis will address vital questions. Is your messaging captivating your target audience? Are there user-friendly tweaks to convert visitors into loyal customers?

  • SEO Analysis: Is your website lost in the digital abyss? My SEO examination ensures your website's discoverability.

  • Google Business Profile Review: Unleash the power of Google's local search with a masterful profile. I'll analyze your Google profile to uncover the actions to take to optimize and amplify your profile's visibility, ensuring your business is easily found in local searches.

  • Business Citation Evaluation: Consistency is key. Discover if your business information is uniform across the web. My evaluation uncovers missed opportunities and inconsistencies.

  • Reputation Management Scan: Trust is built on great reviews. Uncover your online reputation's strengths and weaknesses. I'll guide you in cultivating awesome reviews that enhance your brand's credibility.

  • Keyword Data Analysis: Get found online by the customers you’re looking for. I'll identify the top keywords that'll make your business a prominent figure in local search engine results.

  • Content Analysis: Content is your online voice. Is it resonating with your target audience? My analysis reveals the effectiveness of your content and proposes strategies to better capture your audience's attention.

  • Social Media Presence Audit: Transform your social media game. Is your strategy aligned for success? My audit dissects your social media efforts, uncovering avenues to boost your reach and drive sales.

  • Competitive Landscape Review: Stay ahead in the digital world. I’ll uncover your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, so you can take advantage of them.

  • TOPA Delivery Meeting: Our grand finale. I’ll present my findings, your tailored strategies and top priorities. 

  • Investment: $799

Findings and Recommendations:

Once we have completed our research and analysis of your total online presence, we will share our findings in person or via a video meeting. 

Our summary will cover the following points: 

● Critical website components that require attention and improvement 

● Recommendations for improving your website's search engine optimization both on and off the page 

● An overview of what is working well 

● Action steps that are prioritized 

Feel free to share and utilize the plan and reports we provide with your team. These resources will empower you to tackle any issues we have identified effectively. 

Entrepreneur's Edge offers a comprehensive audit and customized action plan for a one-time fee of only $799. 

After concluding our audit, we will arrange a meeting to disclose our discoveries and provide you with the most effective suggestions to enhance your online marketing strategies.

Entrepreneur's Edge also offers a convenient "done for you" option to implement any recommendations you require assistance with.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in our abilities to help you take your business to the next level, and we back our Total Online Presence Audit with a NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! 

Entrepreneur's Edge offers a full refund if our audit and plan do not help you significantly enhance your online marketing performance. We also ask for your feedback on improving our services to suit your needs and better meet your expectations.